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Pd' Programming PayPal / Credit Card Payment 

Paypal or Credit Card payment via PayPal

Credit cards accepted

Pd' Programming accepts several major credit cards as payment by using PayPal for processing. There is no need for a PayPal account, as PayPal will process your payment without it.

Payments by Credit Card / PayPal incur an additional 3% charge for our processing. (Payments to Pd' Programming may be made by check or EFT without incurring this additional charge) If you would like to use PayPal or a Credit Card, please contact Pd' Programming to obtain an invoice that includes this processing charge.

Pay for your Crash Magic subscription by entering the invoice amount below.
Please be sure your invoice includes the 3% processing fee.

Make a general Pd' Programming payment by entering the amount below.
Please be sure that the amount you enter includes the 3% processing fee.

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