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Knowledge Base Article:MM119 

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Getting your map tested and working in ArcView GIS.

Article created: Mar 05 2003, updated: Jun 19 2003

Background:  This article helps describe the steps necessary to verify your map works in ArcView GIS.

Status:  Info - "how to" article
Keywords:  geocode,geocoding,geocoded,map magic,ArcView,street centerline,testing
Categories:   *Installation and setup* *Mapping*

In order for Map Magic to work properly with a street centerline map in ArcView, your map must be loaded correctly.

  1. First, make sure ArcView GIS is installed properly.
  2. Create a new project with a new view.
  3. Select "yes" to add data to the view. (If you are not prompted with a wizard, select the "new" button in the project window; a view window will open. Select view/add theme. You may now proceed with the following steps:)
  4. Navigate to the location of your streets centerline shapefiles.
    Select o.k.
  5. Make sure the theme is selected as well as the box checked. That theme should now be displayed.
  6. Save the project.
  7. Select Theme/Properties from the menu.
  8. Select Geocoding on the left.
  9. Select US Streets as the address style. This will require that you select a value for "Left From", "Left To", "Right From", "Right To", and "Street". Most commercial data sources will have filled these in for you already. If you have created your own map, you will have to select each one. This list box and the lists in it move about unexpectedly, so watch carefully what you are doing.
  10. When you select OK, Arc/View will begin the geocoding process.

To test the results of the geocoding process, select View/ Locate Address and put in an intersection name (ie: Broadway Rd & Main St). A dot should be placed on the map where that intersection is located. We recommend testing several locations. To remove the black dots, change the tool to "pointer" and highlight the black dot. It should be surrounded by black handles. Select the delete key and the black dot should be deleted. If you are unable to locate any selected locations , please contact Pd' Programming.

Once you have completed these steps, proceed to
this article to load the Map Magic extension.
October 23, 2019 3:52AM

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