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Knowledge Base Article:WS121 

Registration keys moved to client area: Select login on the left menu bar.

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I cannot login or view Intersection Magic version updates.

Article created: Mar 26 2003, updated: Mar 28 2003

Background:  Cookies are needed to use these two features on our site. There is a work around to this problem.

Status:  Limitation - with workaround(s)
Keywords:  browser,login,versions,failed,key,downloads
Categories:   *Installation and setup*

In order to utilize the functionality of our login feature on our site, we must be able to utilize cookies on your web browser. The same functionality is required to view the latest version updates as well.

Please note that you should check with your IT department prior to making this modification. They should approve the use of our site, but restrictions are placed on browsers for a reason. It is our advice to consult your IT department prior to following the instructions below.

  1. Open internet browser.
  2. Go to Tools/Internet Options/Privacy.
  3. In the bottom section there should be an "Edit" button, select this.
  4. In the "Address of Website" box type in:
  5. Select "Allow", then o.k., o.k.
  6. Make sure you close all open browsers for this change to take effect.
  7. Now you should be able to login to our site.

October 22, 2019 11:29PM

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