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Knowledge Base Article:IMW127 

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IMW Edit did not save the last report I entered

Article created: Aug 21 2003, updated: Aug 21 2003

Background:  There is one instance where a report may not be saved in IMW Edit.

Status:  Intended behaviour - description
Keywords:  IMW Edit,data,missing report,missing case id,data entry
Categories:   *Data entry*

When entering a new report's information into IMW Edit, the information entered may not get saved. When IMW Edit is opened and the "New" button selected and at least a date is entered, if the user then selects the "New" button a second time and entered the SAME case id, the first instance of that record was not saved.

When entering a new record in IMW Edit, make sure at least one of the following steps are followed in order to save that record:

  • When selecting "New" to enter the next record, make sure the same case id is not entered.
  • Close the program, and the current record will be saved.
  • Select "Load" if not sure the currently displayed record was saved. When prompted, enter that case id number again to bring up the record.

October 23, 2019 4:01AM

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