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Knowledge Base Article:IMW15 

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Why do I have duplicate street names in the database?

Article created: Jun 09 1999, updated: Jun 09 1999

Background:  It would appear that there are two streets with the same name causing reports to list a street twice.

Status:  Intended behaviour - description
Keywords:  duplicates, street, changes
Categories:   *Installation and setup* *Data*

The streets file cannot have duplicates. It is more likely that one street is mis-spelled with one or more leading or trailing spaces (see also IMW0005).

Navigate to 'reports\listings\streets in database', you will get a listing of streets (be sure to click on the FOR CHANGES radio button). You will need to find the two streets that look identical, and change the bad street to match exactly the good street (WITHOUT trailing or leading spaces). Answer OK to overwrite the file and then nav to 'utilities\database\change streets'. Answer affirmatively to all prompts and you should get a message to the effect that 1 street has been removed and one added.
October 22, 2019 10:38PM

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