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Knowledge Base Article:MM152 

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Receive error "MSW call DeleteObject failed" when identifying map items.

Article created: Aug 30 2004, updated: Aug 31 2004

Background:  ArcView displays error "MSW call DeleteObject failed" when selecting an item from a map. This issue also opens an MS Dos window stating "invalid parameter".

Status:  Bug - with workaround and upgrade
Keywords:  MSW,call,DeleteObject,failed,delete,object,Map Magic,ArcView
Categories:   *Configuration* *Errors / crashes* *Mapping*


AcrView Displays error "MSW call DeleteObject failed" when selecting identify for map items. This issue also opens an MS Dos window stating "invalid parameter". The problem will occur anytime the Identify Results box is not open.

This is a known ArcView issue and is addressed in their knowledgebase


ArcView must be run in 95 compatibility mode.

To resolve, Please, go to the ERIS web site at, and search under MSW call. Then select the correct operation system you are having problems with.

Refer to Microsoft Knowledge Base article #279792 for information on this issue.


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