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Knowledge Base Article:IMW159 

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Using the Pd Data Extractor.

Article created: May 03 2005, updated: May 03 2005

Background:  This describes how to use the new Pd Data Extractor.

Status:  Info - "how to" article
Keywords:  Extractor,Data,Access,Database,Import
Categories:   *Installation and setup* *Configuration* *Importing*


Some configurations require that data be extracted from a database using custom data prep program. The Pd Data extractor was created for just that purpose. The data extractor requires version 6.685 or higher of Intersection Magic and a supporting configuration. This article gives a brief description on how to run the extractor for a standard extraction.


The custom data prep program extracts data from a database into a text file that Intersection Magic can import. You must have a supporting configuration and version 6.685 or higher.

  1. Open Intersection Magic.
  2. Select Utilities/Database/Import.
  3. Click the button “Click here to execute your custom data prep program”.
  4. Click the button “Click here to select the input database file name”.
  5. Browse to the MS Access data file from that you would like to import. It should have a *.mdb extension. (The default database is Access, but others can be selected in the advanced tab).
  6. Click the button “Click here to begin extraction”, and accept the default location for the temporary text file.( If you need to change the file location and/or name click on the “Click here to select the output file name”)
  7. Click the Ok button when the extraction has finished.
  8. Click the Exit button to close the Pd Extractor window.
  9. Click the Ok button in the Import window to begin the import process.
  10. Click the Yes button to confirm the Import.
  11. Review the logs when finished.
  12. If everything was done correctly it should only contain one error “Import errors   (critical errors. record not imported): 1” Line one will not be imported. Line one contains the field definitions for the import file, and is not imported.

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