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Knowledge Base Article:IMW16 

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What if I have two or more differently spelled streets that really should be reflecting one?

Article created: Jun 10 1999, updated: May 30 2013

Background:  The database contains two or more names for the same street. Either one is mis-spelled or a street is known by two names.

Status:  Limitation - with workaround(s)
Keywords:  streets, duplicates, changes
Categories:   *Installation and setup* *Data*

Intersection Magic does not currently support the concept of street aliases. If a street is known by more than one name, an intersection of those two names with another street will be treated as two different locations by Intersection Magic. The current solution is to change the database to only have one name per street. Future versions may incorporate street name aliases, which will solve this problem directly.

The solution is the same here as for IMW0015. In a case where a street is known by one than one name, change the streets to reflect both names. For example: 15th St is also called Redrocks Rd. Create and process a change streets file which contains "15th St, 15th St/Redrocks Rd" and "Redrocks Rd, 15th St/Redrocks Rd". This will change the contents of the data in your database, make sure you understand the complete process prior to proceeding! See "Change Streets" in the manual.
October 23, 2019 3:51AM

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