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Knowledge Base Article:CMW191 

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Insufficient privileges error is shown while upgrading Crash Magic in version 2.2.79 or earlier.

Article created: Sep 26 2007, updated: Sep 26 2007

Background:  The message "The installer has insufficient privileges to access this Directory: [Install location]\PdMagic\CrashMagicOnline\Sys\Files\UserDownloads" is displayed while trying to upgrade Crash Magic to a newer version.

Status:  Bug - with workaround and upgrade
Keywords:  privileges,insufficient,upgrade,directory
Categories:   *Installation and setup* *Errors / crashes*


The Crash Magic application pool or service must first be stopped before upgrading to a newer version of Crash Magic. Crash Magic will lock some directories while the program is running. This will prevent the installer from accessing the necessary directories during an upgrade.


This issue has been corrected in Crash Magic version 2.2.81 or newer.

To prevent the issue from occuring a user should should stop the Crash Magic application pool or service.

If you have forgotten to do this during an upgrade you may receive an insufficient privileges message. Users running Crash Magic within IIS should stop the application pool, and click the Retry button to continue. If you are running Crash Magic as a service, The standard PdMagic tools may not be available at this point in an upgrade. To stop the service open the Services window within you Administative Tools and select your CrashMagicOnline_[Configuration Name] service. Then click the stop button to stop the service. Now go back to the install and click the Retry button. .

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