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Knowledge Base Article:CMO192 

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Preparing for a Crash Magic Online installation and setup.

Article created: Sep 26 2007, updated: Apr 19 2010

Background:  This article helps prepare for the installation of Crash Magic Online onto a server.

Status:  Info - "how to" article
Keywords:  prepare,install
Categories:   *Installation and setup* *Data*


Crash Magic was designed to be easily installed. As with many software products the installation of the software is quite easy, but the time spent on setting up Crash Magic can be greatly reduced if you have prepared for the installation. The DBA, Web Administrator, System Administrator and Network Administrators from the IT department should be consulted for the following information.


The following is a check list of items that you should have ready when you install Crash Magic Online.

Check list for Crash Magic Online install:

  • Download the current Crash Magic MSI.
  • Download the Crash Magic XML configuration install file for your data. 
  • Determine the server that Crash Magic will be installed on.
  • Locate the databases that your crash data is residing.
  • Locate the database that Crash Magic will use to store the "System" tables.(A second database or schema is recommended to store the Crash Magic "System" tables.)
  • Load any database drivers required to connect to the crash data and the database used and test their connections(Crash Magic must be able to connect to the required databases from the server it resides on).
  • Ensure that all databases have the correct user and permissions set for Crash Magic.
  • Ensure that you have the correct account and permissions for the server that you intend to install Crash Magic on.
  • Determine if you would like to run Crash Magic as a stand-alone web server or on IIS as an ISAPI.
  • If you are installing under IIS you will need to be able to create users, user groups, and setup applications pools in IIS.
  • If you are installing Crash Magic as a service you will need to determine which port to use, and ensure that it is not already in use for the server chosen to host Crash Magic.

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