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Knowledge Base Article:CMO205 

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Text Looks Jaggy

Article created: Jan 26 2009, updated: Jan 26 2009

Background:  Text looks jaggy and can be hard to read.

Status:  Info - "how to" article
Keywords:  Monitor,Fonts,Aliasing,Windows,Screen,Fuzzy
Categories:   *Article - fact*


Newer fixed pixel displays (LCD/Plasma Monitors) show aliasing (also known as jaggies) more often due to the pixels being displayed in a uniform way. This results in patterns emerging that are very easy for humans to comprehend. Microsoft has developed a new technology called "ClearType" that uses a technique called "Sub-Pixel Rendering" to make fonts look better on new monitors. ClearType is on by default in Windows Vista and Windows 7.


Windows XP users should visit the following website to enable and configure ClearType:



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