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Knowledge Base Article:IMW208 

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Making chart labels fit on a page when printing.

Article created: May 04 2009, updated: Apr 19 2010

Background:  Some charts created in Intersection Magic require more space for labels than is allowed by the default chart area.

Status:  Info - "how to" article
Keywords:  chart,labels
Categories:   *Charts*


When printing some charts in Intersection Magic labels on the Y axis may be cut off if the labels are too large. When printing only a portion of the labels may appear. This can leave users unable to understand the chart.


Intersection Magic allows the chart to be resized.  Just drag the Y axsis of the chart up until you have the required room for your lables. This will shorten the height of the chart, and allow for more room for your labels. The other sides of the chart can also be dragged. This allows the chart to be sized to need of the users.

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