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Knowledge Base Article:IMW21 

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What date formats are accepted by Intersection Magic

Article created: Jul 09 1999, updated: Jul 09 1999

Background:  Dates may be represented may ways. Intersection Magic can handle most of them. This article describes which formats are supported and will be properly converted by the program.

Status:  Info - functionality description
Keywords:  date,format,century,y2k,mm/dd/yy
Categories:   *Importing* *Data*

The internal format for dates is Julian, which means that any other format sent to the program must be converted to Julian. The easiest and fastest format for conversion is mm/dd/ccyy. Any other format requires some massaging by the program. This massaging is done automatically. Below is a list of the formats which will be properly massaged to a correct date format automatically.


Formats which will be converted properly during import or data entry

Those dates shown in bold are y2k compatible.
  • m/d/y
  • m/d/yy
  • m/d/ccyy
  • m/dd/yy
  • m/dd/ccyy
  • mm/d/yy
  • mm/d/ccyy
  • mm/dd/yy (standard)
  • mm/dd/ccyy (standard with century)
  • yy/mm/dd
  • mmm d yyyy
  • mmm d, yyyy
  • mmddyy
  • yymmdd
  • mmddccyy
  • ccyymmdd (standard dBase III IV)
  • mm/dd/ccyy hh:mm:ss (Microsoft Access time/date export format)

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