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Knowledge Base Article:CMO214 

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CM Data Entry Version

Article created: Aug 28 2009, updated: Apr 19 2010

Background:  Data Entry requires that the version match Crash Magic.

Status:  Bug - under investigation
Keywords:  Data Entry,Version
Categories:   *Installation and setup*

As Crash Magic is upgraded, and new features are added to the SOAP system, Data entry may become incompatible. Strict versioning is enforced to prevent unpredictable behaviors in Data Entry.


Versions starting with 2.13:
Alternate versioning is achieved by way of a key. To create this key use the PdCrypt to encode the following string:
< Desired CMOVersion>,
The desired CMO version must also appear in the “Allowed Versions” edit.

The desired CMO Versions must be compiled into this version of the application. This can be found in AllowedCMOVersionsU.pas file.


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