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Knowledge Base Article:IMW215 

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How blank spaces and empty strings are handled in Crash Magic

Article created: Mar 30 2010, updated: Apr 19 2010

Background:  This article will descibe how Crash Magic handles blank spaces and empty strings Regardless of the database that a user is running.

Status:  Info - functionality description
Keywords:  blank,space,database,empty,string


Database text fields can store unwanted white space along with text characters, and this can cause issues in analysis. The difficulty arises when trying to do comparisons. As an example is "Main St" the same as "Main St       "? Are the two strings equal? In most software applications these are viewed as two different strings. For a user viewing data, it can be difficult to determine if a field has leading or trailing spaces. 


Data set behavior:

In order to consistently handle spaces Crash Magic (version or greater) will trim any blank spaces from the front and back of all data fields in data returned from a database. This means that Crash Magic will query the database for the fields specified in the study, and any text fields will be stripped of leading and trailing white space( "Main St    " will be pulled into Crash Magic as "Main St").


Crash Magic behavior:

Once a dataset has been read into Crash Magic blank spaces will be respected by the program. This means that any user entered information will respect extra spaces in comparisons.

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