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Knowledge Base Article:CMO217 

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A new master config needs to be imported.

Article created: Apr 15 2010, updated: Apr 15 2010

Background:  Crash Magic ships with a number of configuration PSRAttrs that have been tested and certified to work with a specific version.

Status:  Info - functionality description
Keywords:  Update200602120800
Categories:   *Configuration*


These configuration PSRAttrs are shipped with Crash Magic and must be imported into the database before Crash Magic allows you to run.


To import the PSRAttrs:

1. Open cmConfig

2. Select the “Sys Database” tab

3. Select “Maintain Database”

4. Select the “Updates” tab

5. Select “View System Updates”

6. Check the required updates, and select “Update”.


The update should disappear once updating is finished. You are now ready to run the new version of Crash Magic!

October 23, 2019 4:26AM

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