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Knowledge Base Article:IMW22 

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Data entry program reports BTFiler Hard Error and crashes or refuses to close

Article created: Jul 25 1999, updated: Jul 25 1999

Background:  The data entry program, imwedit.exe, responds incorrectly in certain circumstances when there are no crashes in the database.

Status:  Bug - with workaround
Keywords:  data entry,imwedit,crash,bug,close,won't close,BTFiler,hard error,
Categories:   *Errors / crashes* *Data* *Data entry*

Specifically, the data entry program reports errors when a new record is created and no date is entered, and the program is closed or an attempt is made to create or load a new record. The error that is occuring is that the system is attempting to add this record, but also knows that it shouldn't be adding a record with an invalid date.

Since this error generally occurs when the database is empty, it is usually a good idea to create a new database and start over when this happens. Then, be sure that the first record is entered with at least a case id and date. Once that data has been entered and the record saved, future records should not pose a problem.
Please contact us if this sounds like the problem you are having. As it is still being investigated, we would like any input relating to it.
October 23, 2019 4:00AM

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