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Knowledge Base Article:CMO220 

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Creating custom curb lines

Article created: Apr 28 2010, updated: Apr 29 2010

Background:  Curb lines for a diagram schematic can now be included in an SVG tag of the diagram schematic XML.

Status:  Info - "how to" article
Keywords:  diagra,schematic,curb,svg


Curb lines for diagram schematics were defined in a file on the server running Crash Magic Online. This meant that if a user wished to create new curb lines for a diagram they would need to access the server running Crash Magic Online. Curb lines would then be specified in a diagram using a number assined with in the file. This would prevent curb lines from being shared as the object numbers could conflict with other clients.


The following portion of a digram specification in the diagram schematic XML has been deprocated:

Deprocated curb example


Crash Magic Online now allows curb lines to be defined in an SVG tag with in the XML of the diagram schematic. This allows users to create new curb lines without having to access the Crash Magic Online server directly. It also allows users to easily create and share diagrams with more curb lines.

Please note, edititing the XML directly is not supported. This article is only offered as information on how schematics have been changed. Clients should contact Pd' Programming if they need to change curb lines in the XML.

The following is an example XML schematic using the new SVG tag:

SVG Curb Example

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