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Stop Map Magic from creating multiple browser tabs

Article created: May 04 2010, updated: May 04 2010

Background:  Each time a diagram is created by Map Magic a new browser tab is created.

Status:  Info - "how to" article
Keywords:  tab,browser,multiple,map,reuse,ie8
Categories:   *Installation and setup* *Configuration* *Diagrams*


Using Map Magic with IE 8 causes a new browser tab window to be created with each call. This can quickly get confusing, and most users prefer Crash Magic reuse the window and tab that Crash Magic was opened with.


This problem is a default setting within Windows IE 8. Users should set IE 8 to use the current tab or window when opening links from another program.

Here is how to set this in Internet Explorer.

The Tools drop down menu will need to be displayed for the settings to be changed. Here is how to display the Tools drop down menu.

  1. Open Internet Explorer 8
  2. Right click on the empty tab area near the top of the window.
  3. Check the Menu Bar from the list.

With the Menu Bar visible the settings can now be changed. Here is how to set the tab behavior for Map Magic.

  1. With IE 8 open click on the Tools drop down menu.
  2. Select Internet Options from the drop down menu.
  3. With the General tab open click on the Settings button in the tabs section. "Change how webpages are displayed in tabs." is displayed next to the button.
  4. In the "Open Links from other programs in:" section click on the radio button next to  "The current tab or window".
  5. Click OK to close the Tabbed Browsing Settings window.
  6. Click OK to close the Internet Options window.


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