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Knowledge Base Article:CMO226 

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Adding street names to street picker

Article created: May 13 2010, updated: May 18 2011

Background:  Some clients may have separate fields for storing the primary street that a collision occurred on. In this case other street names need to be added to the streets picker.

Status:  Info - "how to" article
Keywords:  street,streets,normalizer,intersection,pick,location,road
Categories:   *Installation and setup* *Configuration*


The street name picker found in the Intersection, Milepost and Address studies come from an intersection-normalizer. The intersection-nomalizer provides in database terms a "normalized" list of intersections.

The intersection study in Crash Magic was designed to look at a primary street that the collision occurred on, and the nearest intersecting street. Some collision databases store the primary collision street and the nearest cross street in more than two fields. This means that these fields will also need to be included in the normalizer for users to be able to select them.


Adding additional street fields to a configuration is an advanced subject, and should not be done without understanding all of the implications. Some of these steps require changes to the raw XML content. Errors can corrupt a configuration. Contact Pd' Programming before attempting.

Three tasks are needed for the normalizers to use more than two fields

  • A union query that includes all of the street fields.
  • A union query that includes all of the possible intersection location names.
  • A standard street 1 and street 2 alias for each study query.

Union query that includes all of the road fields.

The Streets query will need to included a union with all of the street fields used into a single list. For example if a collision database contains the fields street, cross_street and nearest_cross_street the streets query will need to union these fields into a single list for the streets normalizer to use. The current query editor does not allow editing of union queries. These changes must be made in the raw XML.

Union query that includes all of the possible intersection location names.

The a similar query will be needed for all of the possible intersection locations in the intersections query. As in the previous example a intersection query will need the following unions (street and cross street), (cross street and street), (street and nearest_cross_street), and the final (nearest_cross_street and street).

Standard street 1 and street 2 alias for each study query.

The street fields must have a standard alias for each study being used. The Intersection-normalizer will look for matching fields in the study query. The query editor does not allow duplicate selection of fields. The means that the XML must be edited directly. In the following example the Atintersectionwith field has been called twice in the query. In the second request the field has been aliased to a standard name "CrossStreets" that will match the field selected in the intersection-normalizer.  

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