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Knowledge Base Article:CMO227 

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Study Data Not Refreshing

Article created: Jun 04 2010, updated: Jun 04 2010

Background:  A bug exists which will result in a study not refreshing data.

Status:  Bug - with workaround and upgrade
Keywords:  Study,Query,Parameter,Data,Refresh
Categories:   *Errors / crashes* *Data*


Prior to version 2.13.64 of Crash Magic, a bug exists which will improperly keep a cached study even though a query has changed.  This can occur when the parameters of both queries match, and none of the study data fields have changed (i.e. date, street names, milepost numbers).




This bug has been fixed in Crash Magic Online version 2.13.64 and all future versions.

To workaround this bug, click on the "refresh query" button on the bottom of the study panel after changing queries.

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