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Crash Magic Database logins

Article created: Aug 02 2010, updated: Oct 28 2011

Background:  This article is intended to help database administrators understand the database logins and roles required by Crash Magic Online.

Status:  Info - "how to" article
Keywords:  database,users,login
Categories:   *Installation and setup* *Configuration* *Article - references*


Crash Magic database connections require at least two different logins for database access. A single login is defined to access the Crash Magic system tables, and at least one login to read the collision data. Clients with the data entry module will need a data entry login that can add collision records to the crash database.

This article walks users through locating their database login information, and shows the recommended login names. The login names in this article are suggested. They can be changed for the database environment. Please, contact Pd' Programming if you have any questions.


Login for the Crash Magic system tables

Crash Magic must have one login to connect to the Crash Magic system tables. The recommended name for this login is cmSysUser. This login must have select, insert, update and delete privileges to the program system tables or access to a role with these privileges. Information on this user can be found on the server running Crash Magic.

Locating login information on the system table user.

  1. On the server running Crash Magic run the Crash Magic configuration editor( Start/Programs/PdMagic/Crash Magic Online configuration)
  2. Click on your configuration name in the left of the window of the configuration editor
  3. Click the SYS Database tab

The SYS Connection setting section contains the login name(cmSysUser is the recommended login name) for the Crash Magic system tables. The Roles text box and the password fields below will contain any role information needed by the system table user. This should be left blank if no role information is needed.

Login or logins for reading the collision data

Crash Magic requires at least a single login to the collision data for analysis. This can be a single login for Crash Magic. Also users can be added to Crash Magic, and their login information passed on to the database. The recommended login name is CrashReader for a single login. The collision data login or user logins must have select privileges to the collision database or be granted select privileges through a role. Users running Map Magic will also require select privilege on the <*>CID Crash Magic system table. Select access includes select on any lookup tables for the collision data. The standard name for this connection in Crash Magic Online is Default.

Login or logins for writing collision data records

Crash Magic clients that purchase the data entry module requires at least a single login to the collision data with select, insert, update and delete privileges to the collision records, and select access to the lookup tables. As with the login for reading the collision data, users can be added to Crash Magic and pass their login information on to the database or use a single login can be set for all users. The recommended login name is CrashWriter for clients with a single login. The standard name for this connection in Crash Magic is DataEntry.

Locating login information for collision data logins.

  1. Log into the Crash Magic web site as the Group Admin
  2. Click on the plus sign (+) next to the .shared user under the user group being used in the admin tree on the left
  3. Click the plus sign (+) next to the connection name in the admin tree
  4. Click on the Default name to view details on the default connection
  5. Users with the Data Entry module should click on the DataEntry name to see information on the data entry login

A login of %USER.LOGIN% means the login and password entered by the user is passed on to the database for verification, and no single database login is used by Crash Magic for the collision data.

Locating role information for collision data logins.

  1. Ensure that you are logged into Crash Magic as a group admin, and the .shared user expanded in the admin tree
  2. Click on the plus sign next to the role under the .shared user in the admin tree
  3. Click on the Default name in the admin tree to see the default role.

A Crash Magic role is required for all connections even if the database does not require a role. If the database requires a role Crash Magic will pass the Crash Magic role information on to the connection. Click on the plus sign (+) next to role in the admin tree to see a list of possible roles for each connection. The default Crash Magic role is named Default. If the user login or logins to the collision database do not require a role then the DB Role Name and DB Role Password fields will be blank for the Crash Magic role.


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