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How to change diagram labels in Crash Magic Online

Article created: Jan 14 2011, updated: Mar 03 2011

Background:  Crash Magic Online allows users to create complex labels. This article descibes how users can create labels for others to understand.

Status:  Info - "how to" article
Keywords:  labels,diagram
Categories:   *Configuration* *Diagrams*


Crash Magic Online has a powerful label editor for creating diagrams. Labels can be created or calculated from any field in the collision record. The data returned is generally in a raw format that some users may understand.

Many database fields store numeric values for record attributes. The descriptions for these numeric values are then defined within other tables in the database. As an example a field like lighting condition for a collision record may contain a 1. This 1 will contain a description of Daylight in another  lookup table record for lighting values. Only users familiar with the data may know that a 1 means the lighting condition was Daylight.


Crash Magic allows users to select the value descriptions or looked up value for their diagram labels. This allows all users to understand the collision labels in a diagram.

Crash Magic must be told to use the looked up value as opposed to the raw data value of the database. Crash Magic uses the @ symbol in front of a field to do this. The following example shows how to change a diagram label to the a weather field. These instructions assume that your are logged into Crash Magic Online with a diagram.

  1. Click on the green "Diagram Settings" tab
  2. Click the "..." button next to the content box
  3. Click the "Clear expression" button to remove the current label
  4. Click the drop down menu in the upper right corner of the window
  5. Select "QueryFieldsLU"
  6. Select the @(your weather condition field) from the list of fields
  7. Click the "Insert function" button to add the field
  8. Click the "Save and return" button

If your database has been configured to provide descriptions for weather the appropriate description will be displayed for each collision. If Crash Magic can not find any lookup information for the value then the raw data value will be shown.

Use a + sign to add other fields, and quoted strings.  As an example: @Weather + "-Num of Veh " + @Total_Vehicles would produce Rain-Num of Veh 3.

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