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Knowledge Base Article:CMO241 

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Crash Magic login page shows I/O error 32"UNKNOWN (32)"

Article created: Mar 24 2011, updated: Mar 24 2011

Background:  Users running Crash Magic Online under IIS 7 may sometimes receive the error message I/O error 32"UNKNOWN (32)"

Status:  Limitation - with workaround(s)
Keywords:  I/O,error,Unkown,32
Categories:   *Installation and setup* *Configuration* *Article - references*


Users may receive the message I/O error 32"UNKNOWN (32)" after the application pool running Crash Magic Online has been restarted. This will occur when the application pool has been stopped and then started soon after. This error indicates that Crash Magic is unable to write to one of the log files.

IIS 7 allows the application pool to be restarted before a previous stop command has been fully implemented. Crash Magic then attempts to write to the log file while locked by the previous run. This causes Crash Magic to display the I/O error 32"UNKNOWN (32)" message. This message will also be recorded in the PdMagic error log.

When the application pool is stopped, users should not try to restart the Crash Magic instance until after the PdMagic event log records the Information / status:  CrashMagicOnline_ISAPI unloaded message.
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