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Knowledge Base Article:CMO251 

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When opening Crash Magic Online from a saved Favorites or desktop icon an error page is displayed

Article created: Aug 11 2011, updated: Nov 15 2011

Background:  Crash Magic Online users will see a session expired page or cookies not enabled page when they access Crash Magic Online from a saved Favorites or saved desktop icon.

Status:  Info - "how to" article
Keywords:  Session,timeout,Cookies,terminated,bookmark,favorites
Categories:   *Installation and setup* *Configuration* *Errors / crashes* *Article - references*


Crash Magic uses cookies to track users. When a user enters a Crash Magic web address( example ), Crash Magic provides the web browser with an id in the form of a cookie to identify the Crash Magic session. Then Crash Magic passes the browser to a new web page( example ). When the user logs in the user's web browser will pass back the cookie to Crash Magic. Crash Magic then associates the cookie with the user that has logged in. Each time the user clicks on an item within Crash Magic the web browser passes back the cookie to Crash Magic informing the program of who they are. Crash Magic will expire cookies that have no activity(The default is 20 min, but this can be changed by the server administrator). When a user tries to access Crash Magic after their cookie has expired they will receive a message that their session has expired. Older version of Crash Magic may display an error that cookies are not enabled.

When a user adds to their Favorites or creates a desktop Icon for Crash Magic from a the Crash Magic web page a session has already been created for the user, and the browser has been passed to the new web page. The associated cookie is stored with the address. If the session has expired and the user accesses Crash Magic with their Favorites or an icon then the expired cookie is passed back to Crash Magic. Crash Magic see this cookie as expired and passes the expired session page back to the user. This is like trying to bypass a guard gate with a side door, and then giving the wrong id when you are stopped by the guard. In this case the guard will be sending you back to the front door to get in.


The solution is to alter your saved favorite or desktop icon to open to the correct location. This will allow Crash Magic to provide the browser with a new session and cookie to identify them.

Here is how to alter the bookmark in Internet Explorer or desktop icon:

  1. Right click on the icon and select Properties.
  2. Remove "CrashMagicOnline_ISAPI.dll/MAGIC" from the end of the URL.
  3. Click OK to save the changes and close the properties window.

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