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Knowledge Base Article:CMO260 

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Projects, studies and reports are not show while importing a users V 2.13 or older

Article created: Nov 07 2011, updated: Nov 08 2011

Background:  When importing a user from another instance of Crash Magic may not show the user projects, studies and reports in the import window in Crash Magic version 2.13 or older.

Status:  Bug - with workaround
Keywords:  project,study,report,import,user,

When importing a user that was exported from another instance of Crash Magic the users project studies and reports will not be seen. This is due to a bug in Crash Magic. The user will see PSRAttr files, but the project, study and report import windows dot not display any items to import.


The import of a user is currently a two step process. The user should be imported to the user group and then the projects, studies and reports should be imported into the user. The user should not login to his account until all of the projects, studies and reports have been imported. As logging into the account will create the default Main project. If the user has logged in before the projects, studies and reports have been imported then the studies, and reports for the main project will need to be added to the Main project in a separate import. 

Newly imported users that receive the error "Unknown login exception" should click here to correct this issue.

October 23, 2019 12:04AM

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