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Knowledge Base Article:CMO264 

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Not Base64 displayed for an image

Article created: Dec 23 2011, updated: Dec 23 2011

Background:  This article describes Crash Magic Online functionality for base64 encoded images

Status:  Info - "how to" article
Keywords:  base64,image,clickon
Categories:   *Configuration* *Diagrams* *Article - references*


Base64 images are images saved using an ASCII string of characters. This allows systems designed to handle text based items to pass images. Crash Magic has the ability to convert these strings to images, and display them to users in the ClickOn report.

When base64 is selected, if the string contains 5 or more characters and cannot be displayed as am image Crash Magic will display the message "Not Base64". This means that clients using a specific string in lieu of a base64 encoded image(Example "No Image Available") will see the message "Not Base64" displayed by Crash Magic.


Clients using a specific strings in lieu of images should use a calculated field to remove the string. This will cause Crash Magic to skip display of the field to the client when no image is available.

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