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Knowledge Base Article:CMO272 

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No streets to select

Article created: Sep 27 2012, updated: Sep 27 2012

Background:  When Crash Magic Online is first set up user may not have any streets available to select in the street selectors of a study

Status:  Info - functionality description
Keywords:  streets,selector,picker
Categories:   *Installation and setup* *Configuration* *Errors / crashes*


The street selector of Crash Magic displays a list of streets to select from once the user starts typing a street name into a study. When a client configuration is first installed into Crash Magic the database must be updated for the program to access collision data. If a user logs into the analysis side of Crash Magic before the connection is set Crash Magic will attempt to load a list of streets.  As Crash Magic is not able to connect to the database the streets cannot be retrieved, and a blank street list is stored. This list does not update once the database connection has be established.


To resolve this issue the Crash Magic Group Admin should ensure the connection to the collision database is set and then clear the system cache. Consult your database administrator and Crash Magic documentation to set the database connection for your configuration. Once the connection is set the system cache can be cleared to reload the list of streets.

Here is how to clear the system cache:

  1. Log into Crash Magic as the Group Admin
  2. Click on the "System" link listed in the tree on the left
  3. Click the Clear System Cache button on the upper right corner of the page 

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