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Program is missing required ODBC files

Article created: Nov 29 2000, updated: Nov 29 2000

Background:  Intersection Magic v5.6 and newer began requiring ODBC system files to be installed with the operating system. In most cases these files already exist, but in a few we've found them to be missing.

Status:  Info - functionality description
Keywords:  odbc,imw.exe
Categories:   *Installation and setup* *Errors / crashes*

Intersection Magic v6.5 is a 16-bit MS Windows application. As such, when we added ODBC support, we were required to use the 16-bit ODBC drivers. Different operating systems have different requirements:
  • Windows 3.1 Includes 16-Bit ODBC drivers at install time. No changes should be required.
  • Windows 95, 98 Requires installation of 16-bit ODBC drivers for Microsoft Access. Download and install the drivers from our site.
  • Windows NT 4, Windows 2000 Intersection Magic automatically uses the 32-bit ODBC drivers. There is no need for the 16-bit drivers under NT.
If your operating system requires the 16-bit drivers to be added, they may be downloaded from our web site.

NOTE: This solution is not for Win NT / 2K / XP users. Users of these operating systems should not install the 16-bit odbc drivers

ON Windows 95 or Windows 98 computers only:
Insert the install disk
Select "Browse CD"
Select the ODBC 16 folder
Execute the program setup.exe
Select "Microsoft Access Driver" and OK
Once the files are copied, select Close

Or you may download the file here:
Download and install the ODBC-16 drivers. During the install process, you will have an option to select driver(s) to install. Just select Microsoft Access (*.MDB). This is the first option.
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