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Knowledge Base Article:IMW56 

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Why do I get a "File I/O" error when trying to create a diagram?

Article created: Aug 14 2001, updated: Jun 05 2003

Background:  When running Windows NT/2000/XP, IMW fails to open the database. Instead it reports a File I/O error.

Status:  Bug - with workaround
Keywords:  File I/O error,File IO,error,Microsoft client services,Windows 2000
Categories:   *Errors / crashes* *Networking*

When Intersection Magic creates a database, a *.SEM file is created. This file tracks who is/is not using the database. For unknown reasons, this file is caused to have a zero value. When this occurs, IMW cannot access it.

To correct this problem, first make sure all installations of Intersection Magic are closed. Then delete the *acc.sem file. This file is located with all the other database files. Once Intersection Magic is started again, it will recreate this file.

It is harmless to delete this file. However, please note that it is very dangerous to delete it if anyone is using the database.

Since there are only a couple of instances where this error occurs, please contact Pd' Programming if the information provided in this article or the Novel article do not fix this error.
October 23, 2019 12:10AM

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