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Knowledge Base Article:IMW6 

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Program crashes when closing a diagram using the system menu.

Article created: May 06 1999, updated: May 06 1999

Background:  In one user installation, the program crashes when closing the last collision diagram on the screen. The only known specifics are: The user is running Window 95 on an HP Vectra 166/32. Norton Antivirus is in background.

Status:  Bug - with workaround
Keywords:  HP Vectra,Windows 95,close diagram
Categories:   *Errors / crashes* *Diagrams*

This sounds like a timing issue, unusual to experience with current operating systems and recent versions of Intersection Magic.

We're still investigating this one. It seems to work fine when selecting File / Close diagram rather than the 'x' button on the window itself.
October 22, 2019 10:53PM

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