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Knowledge Base Article:MM61 

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The same location needs to be geocoded over and over again. The values don't "stick".

Article created: Oct 03 2001, updated: Apr 21 2003

Background:  Location coordinates are not being stored in *.geo files after the size of the file has reached 64KB.

Status:  Limitation - upgrade available
Keywords:  geocoding,coordinates,map,gis
Categories:   *Mapping*

Location coordinates are stored in crasXACC.geo files where X is the first letter of the first street in the intersection name. Each of those files can store up to 64KB of data (about 600 locations). Once that limit is reached, coordinates for locations that aren't already in the file will not be saved.

This problem was resolved by creating multiple .geo files. The program handles this all automatically now. If you experience this problem and an upgrade does not solve it, please contact Pd' Programming.
October 22, 2019 10:39PM

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