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Does Intersection Magic support ArcView GIS 8.x?

Article created: Nov 20 2001, updated: Nov 18 2003

Background:  ESRI has overhauled the ArcView and ArcInfo product lines. The new ArcView is v8.x. Intersection Magic is designed to work with v3.1 or v3.2, the most recent versions before 8 was released.

Status:  Info - functionality description
Keywords:  arcview,arcinfo,vba,avenue,gis,compatible,esri
Categories:   *Mapping*

The new ArcView GIS 8.x no longer supports the Avenue programming language. Since portions of Map Magic are written in Avenue, they will need to be rewritten to support v8 which uses MS Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).


Pd' Programming will be releasing a new version on Intersection Magic (probably with a different name). Once this version is complete, it will have direct support for ArcView 8.x.

In the meantime, we are working with ESRI to create a utility that will allow the existing IMW to communicate with the new ArcView 8.x. It should be available soon.

Until we release these two solutions, ESRI has documented that ArcView 3.x and 8.x can both exist on the same system without conflict. If you need to upgrade to 8, just leave 3 in place until we've completed our solutions.

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