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Knowledge Base Article:IMW70 

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The help system was disabled when the program started

Article created: Jan 30 2002, updated: Jan 30 2002

Background:  During some installations a file may be left out, or improperly installed. The result is that the message "couldn't load nhelpdll.dll. A reboot is often needed after an update in this situation".

Status:  Info - "how to" article
Keywords:  nhelpdll,nhelpdll.dll,help,missing,install,fail,imw.hlp
Categories:   *Installation and setup* *Errors / crashes*

The file nhelpdll is generally installed each time Intersection Magic is installed and/or upgraded. Sometimes, if the file is in use at the time of installation, it is not replaced and a reboot is required to complete the installation.
One or two versions have shipped without this file. Since the old file will work in most cases, it hasn't been a problem to date. However, occasionally the file simply does not exist after installation.
It must be installed in order to access the help system.

The easiest solution is to simply download and run a very small file from our web site. The file is:
nhelpdll.exe and is small enough to even run directly from the web page. (about 30k)
After running this file, and specifying your program directory as the destination (the same directory as contains imw.exe) the problem will be solved.

The other option is to obtain a complete installation disk as opposed to an update

Also, the nhelpdll.dll file also exists on the distribution CD in the runimage directory in the magic sub-directory. It may be copied from there to the C:\magic directory.
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