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Knowledge Base Article:IMW98 

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How do I find Windows diagnostic information?

Article created: Nov 15 2002, updated: Nov 15 2002

Background:  If there is a conflict between Intersection Magic and another software program on your computer, it can be helpful to identify the environment that your system is running in. Rather than ask you question after question, there are some tools that ship with Windows that can help. This article lists some of them.

Status:  Bug - under investigation
Keywords:  msinfo32,msconfig,regedit,regedit32
Categories:   *Errors / crashes*



To run either of these utilities, use the Start Menu to select Run. Type in the name of the utility and press ok.

MSInfo32 - System information utility
This utility reports on the current state of the system. It can tell us about network drivers, storage, video, hard disk, etc. This utility is read-only, so it can not do damage to your system. While we may ask you to check for information within this utility, it is usually best for you to send us the entire listing. Before exporting, make sure the "System Information" header is highlighted.
For WindowsXP use the File/Export to text file to extract this information.
For Windows NT2000 use the Action/Save as text file.
For Windows 98 use File/Export.
MSConfig - System startup configuration
Used to check and change system startup parameters. This utility is an easy way to disable such things as virus scanning, cd-rom burners, drivers, indexing, etc. Anything that starts up automatically when the system starts, or the user logs in, can be disabled from this utility. Usually the changes take effect on reboot.
Warning: This utility should only be used at the request of a qualified support person. Incorrect use of this utility could cause problems with system operation.

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